Before I lived here I traveled to LA a lot for work.
  1. Four Seasons
    If you need an eighth of blow, a. toothpick made of ivory, and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, they'll get it for you.
  2. L'Ermitage
    I was the bull in the China shop, the quiet of the lobby broken up by my 30 Rock ringtone.
  3. The London
    Tic Tac Toe in the room!
  4. Casa del Mar
    Nautical themed rooms, if you like that sort of thing.
  5. The Montage
    If the Four Seasons + the Peninsula had a baby.
  6. The Argyle
    Formerly and afterly, the Sunset Tower; the guys in the front driveway are dicks.
  7. The Viceroy
    Tiny pool (yeah yeah I know, the ocean is right there).
  8. The Standard Downtown
    There was a giant styrofoam black foot "sculpture" in the middle of the room.
  9. Hollywood Roosevelt
    I repeatedly hit my shin on the side of the low bed AKA keeping Arnica gel in business, one day at a time.
  10. The Chateau Marmont
    My room was the size of a child's shoebox that you would bury that child's hamster in.
  11. The Chamberlain
    Stayed here in the days leading up to my move to LA, have no specific memories of it.
  12. Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
    Became best friends with Luis from Hertz Rental Car.
  13. Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey
    First (and last time?) I'll go to Marina Del Rey?
  14. Reg Bev Wil
    Stayed here with my dad on a business trip - quoted Pretty Woman to him - it got awkward.
  15. The Peninsula
    My sister and I would stay at my Nana's and my parents would stay here but I'm assuming one night of my childhood they let us stay over with them??