1. I'm incapable of napping.
    This includes sleeping on planes.
  2. I wear sweaters in LA almost everyday.
    One time on a 90 degree day when I was wearing a sweater over a button down @jennikonner said I looked like I was going to rob a McDonald's.
  3. I make so many plans that my friends nicknamed me Planny Sue.
    Even my mom makes fun of me. "Sushi Park again? You don't say."
  4. I shower the morning of a long flight.
    Even tho I know what's the point, just gonna smell like airplane.
  5. My right ear doesn't pop.
  6. I still sleep with 2 stuffed animals and my dad's old shirt.
    But the least dignified part for me and for them is they spend the night in my pajama drawer when dudes are over.
  7. I have 2 phones.
    I have good reasons. But still, I know it makes me a ridiculous human being.
  8. I have reverse body dysmorphia.
    I made this term up and it refers to the fact that I appear thinner than I actually am. So it's kind of a good thing but I know the truth. And thus do things like - not wear tank tops.