1. Step Up (2006)
    Mad credit for: being the first, the one with Channing Tatum, seeing the leads fall in love IRL (and they can both really dance), Alyson Stoner (girl from the Missy videos), and Rachel Griffiths is in it (Six Feet Under 4Ever).
  2. Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)
    Best title of all the movies, maybe of any movie ever? Looking past the Adult Male Blonde lead, the dancing is really great, this one introduces Moose(!) and has a sick end dance sequence in the rain. Also the first one helmed by Jon M. Chu who is a genius and also directed the Bieber doc. Plus Channy cameo and arguably the best soundtrack of all.
  3. Step Up Revolution (2012)
    A beautiful rendition of Occupy Wall Street in Miami thru dance.
  4. Step Up 3D (2010)
    Moose is the best part, the rest is eh. The first Instagram picture I ever posted was of 3 cute little kids in their 3D glasses waiting for this movie to start. I didn't know them. Did I mention I've seen them all in the theater?
  5. Step Up All In (2014)
    This one pretty much sucks which is especially sad because I organized my birthday around seeing it. I had to apologize to my friends.