I will eat or drink literally anything else that exists. Unless I'm forgetting something.
  1. Chilean seabass and cous cous
    Consistency issues. I do enjoy Israeli cous cous tho 🔯.
  2. Corn off the cob and in salads
    Stay where you belong corn.
  3. Shiso leaf
    I'm really ashamed of this one but I can remove it from sushi with the swiftness and deftness of a magician.
  4. Prosciutto
    I'm also super ashamed about this one. It doesn't make sense! I will eat any other ham or pork or anything else close. I think I even like baloney better than prosciutto. I'm a broken person.
  5. White meat turkey
    People who prefer white meat are just on the planet for balance.
  6. Raspberry sauce on chocolate cake
    Get outta there raspberry sauce! The only time I want raspberry sauce is when I crush a raspberry in my own mouth.
  7. Those candied chocolate covered orange slices
    What the fuck. These might be the most offensive thing I've ever laid eyes on.
  8. Marzipan
    I can't even really eat the filling of almond croissants because it's on the way to marzipan.
  9. Soup
    Clam chowder, butternut squash, and all Asian soups are the exception but I rarely if ever order soup. This has been called a NO-PINION by my friend Tom because it is so ridiculous. And yes I will eat chicken soup when I'm sick.