1. He's from Indiana
  2. He keeps his studio cold
  3. He wears double breasted suits
  4. His wife is named Regina, his son is named Harry, and he used to date Merrill Markoe.
  5. He eats at Trattoria Dell'Arte
    My dad saw him there once
  6. If he kisses your hand at the end of the interview, he likes you
  7. You can really tell if he's watched the thing the guest is promoting or not
  8. You can only rarely tell if he likes the musical guest
  9. He dated a staffer and then there was a blackmail sitch
    And it's used often in my company's sexual harassment policy spiel as a possible example of "quid pro quo"
  10. He has a house in Montana
    And there was a stalker situation
  11. He doesn't like Jay Leno still but it's softened the teensiest bit over the years
  12. Uma, Oprah
    I kind of thought it was funny
  13. He really likes Amy Sedaris
    Also Julia Roberts and Bonnie Hunt
  14. His company is called Worldwide Pants
  15. He has stayed with Paul Schaeffer way longer than I would have
  16. He's had heart surgery and shingles
  17. Until The Good Wife, his was the only show I ever watched on CBS
  18. His hair is blond-ish and grayish all at once
  19. He has a great laugh