1. Dimetapp®
  2. Latin class*
    *I threatened to run away from home
  3. Dance class*
    *i threatened to run away from home
  4. Lord & Taylor jeans that had zips and bows at the bottom
  5. Ski lessons unless they were private and with a male instructor
    I'm no fool
  6. To shower in my own shower
    I preferred the one in my parents' bathroom, not sure why.
  7. To sit thru Throw Mama from the Train in the theater
    That lady from Goonies scared (scares?) the shit out of me.
  8. To wear my hair down unless it was in 2 braids
    Now I never wear it up
  9. To wear the saddles shoes I insisted my mom buy for me
  10. Play dates with Brett from the building
  11. To take off my Mets hat
  12. To have a Bat Mitzvah party