1. They taped our thumbs to our hands to teach us about opposable thumbs.
  2. The emergency eye wash station.
  3. We grew a blue crystal-type thing from something, somehow.
  4. We grew something from an avocado pit. (Another avocado?? No, that's not right).
  5. We dissected an owl pellet. It was awesome.
  6. We put a gummy bear in water and it expanded.
  7. We had something called Star Labs where we crawled through a tube and emerged in darkness where we could look at the constellations, projected on the ceiling.
  8. Photosynthesis. Plants and oxygen and water, something or other.
  9. Hydroponics. The growing of plants without soil. Just kidding, I learned this from the movie Parenthood.
  10. They split up the boys and girls for Sex Ed. The female science teacher taught us, the male vice principal taught them. They did the condom banana thing.
  11. Some of the symbols in the periodic table were short for what you'd think. Some made absolutely no sense.
  12. They showed us the lung of a smoker.
  13. We dissected a frog. It was obvious beforehand who was going to abstain. It smelled bad.
  14. A chemistry teacher said to drink a lot of water because you needed 2 water molecules for your body to process every 1 fat molecule.