1. Stinging nettles
  2. Worm saliva
    Had to ask. Not a fan, especially because it looks like a cotton ball (see previous List: Irrational Fears).
  3. Wild pig damage
  4. Empty wrappers from where the breakfast tacos were -- but I was too late.
  5. A giant snickerdoodle cookie (I ate it)
  6. Both of my phones die -- that tech scout lyfe
  7. The towns of Bastrop and Kyle*
    Is it named after Kyle Chandler I wonder?!
  8. Poison Ivy
    I asked what the difference is between poison ivy and poison oak because I am a city kid what do I know. I kind of forget the answer but oak sounded worse because the word "bloodstream" was used.
  9. A ridiculously cute baby who we are using in a TV show, mixed feelings!
  10. A burro!
    Again I am a city kid so I exclaimed "ahhhh look at that baby donkey!" And then was told what a burro is. So cute, I want one.
  11. No BBQ or Tim Riggins