1. I can't, I have plans
    They don't call me Planny Sue for nothing
  2. We could get pancakes for the table?
  3. See, I'm not as dumb as I look.
    Which is a joke and sometimes people are like "you don't look dumb." Sigh.
  4. I love you
    Sometimes to co-workers
  5. I'm starving
    I always am
  6. Tom, did you reserve the tennis court?
  7. Do you have iced coffee?
  8. Did you watch Mad Men yet?
  9. Let's go for sushi
  10. Do I have to dress up?
  11. My back and butt hurt from driving so much
  12. No I don't hate LA
  13. No it's not as great as NY
  14. Fuck you Beverly Center
  15. I can't get my texts to delete
  16. My texts are possessed
  17. Do you wanna go for brunch
  18. Can we get red wine not white. Ugh fine whatever you want.
  19. I just killed a spider
    By smashing it against the wall
  20. I have a parallel parking phobia so YES I DID VALET
  21. When are we going to the farmers market
    Suggested by @lilydiamond