1. Strip steak, a salad, spinach with oyster mushrooms cooked by my mom.
  2. Bougie southern food at Tipsy Parson
    Not as good as I remembered but the sweet tea with vodka helped wash it down. And the sweet company made it delightful.
  3. 3 homemade yogurt granola fruit parfaits (so far)
    My mom puts it in a container labeled with my name
  4. Approx 10 little squares of cheese at a Table Read
  5. Tacos and a pineapple drank at Rockaway Taco @ the Rockaway Surf shop 💯😎
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    Best meal so far
  6. A hot dog at Papaya King
    With ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut.
  7. Steak tartare, an amazo grilled avocado with spicy sour cream, an artichoke salad, and duck at Blue Ribbon Bakery
    👍🏼 to the Pinot noir rosé as well
  8. A terrible $22 burger (ordered with no bun because clearly I'm watching what I eat) at the meatpacking district Bubby's
    Undercooked and overpriced. Wanted to eat at Untitled after the Whitney but it was an hour wait!
  9. $117 worth of Japanese food from Silver Rice in Crown Heights
    Really good food and reasonably priced; fed 5 adults and a 4 year old who was supposed to be asleep but has a soft spot for sushi.
  10. 5 iced lattes
  11. This could be my last list since today I played with the germtastic communal art project Legos at the Highline?
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