1. Hollyway Cleaners on SM Blvd is open until midnight
    Earth Bar is in the same complex - good for juices and B12 shots, you don't need an appt.
  2. Gelson's on SM Blvd is open until 11pm
  3. The CVS pharmacy on La Cienega and SM Blvdis open until 11pm
  4. Yoshi's Sushi is a reasonably priced gem and you can leave your car at Gelson's and walk to pick up your to-go order.
    Get the Yuki roll named after the sushi chef's wife who runs the joint.
  5. Take your parents to Connie & Ted's or Son of a Gun, they'll love both and think you're eating well.
  6. Salt's Cure secret menu item "The All Star"
    It's the 2x2x2 plus their pancakes but for less money than a side of pancakes. You have to order it by name.
  7. Sweat Garage is great
    Best instructor in terms of best + hotness = Nahesi, IMHO.
  8. Commissary Coffee is great
    The yogurt parfait is delush and made to order. Also highly recommend the iced cubano. Specialty drinks are actually quicker to get than reg coffee because it's the artisanal pour over method.
  9. Free Range food truck outside of Commissary is also great
    There only on weekdays tho.
  10. My insane mnemonic device for remembering the streets from North to South
    "Super Secret Men in Black 3: WOP, Victory!" Sunset, Santa Monica Blvd, Melrose, Beverly, 3rd, Wilshire, Olympic, Pico, Venice.
  11. Koontz Hardware
    This place has EVERYTHING. Everything. And the people who work there are super helpful. They also sell birthday cards and good housewarming gifts.
  12. COFAX breakfast burritos are the bomb.
    I prefer the veggie with extra avocado even tho I eat meat. You can call in your order ahead of time.
  13. Izakaya by Katsuya on 3rd secret menu items
    1. Pan seared halibut w/ lemon salt sushi 2. Albacore belly tuna w/ truffle salt sushi Sometimes they claim not to have them and look at you like you're an idiot and I'm sorry if this happens to you but it's worth the risk?
  14. Froma on Melrose has a nice wine selection
  15. Soho House parking tip
    I may regret giving this away but you can park in the street spot with the yellow curb directing across from the entrance if it's a Sunday.
  16. Take Lexington to get to the Arclight.
  17. Take Olympic to get to Santa Monica.
  18. Whole Foods parking lot
    There's apparently another lot right near there that someone once tried to explain to me but I've never found it. Would love to since parking there gives me major agida.
  19. Little Russia
    My friend Willa says there are really good Russian food stores right by the Whole Foods and she once took the bus to Santa Monica from the stop right in front of it.
  20. You can sit on my porch and use my wifi when I'm not home if you know me.