@lenadunham for you and @sophia
  1. 8:10am - Took my vitamins with 1/4th of a glass of OJ.
    Tropicana, no pulp.
  2. 9:45am - Iced 2% latte and yogurt parfait from Commissary.
    From what I can gather it's yogurt, honey, and granola. I sipped the iced coffee until 2pm.
  3. 3:45pm - a small glass of Pinot Grigio.
    I usually drink red wine but it was hot out and I was playing very competitive ping pong so it was refreshing.
  4. 5:30pm - a very nice man @saltyshep made me steak over arugula with green beans on the side. Delish! Another small glass of Pinot Grigio.
    I made the dressing for the arugula (olive oil, lemon, shallots, garlic, salt & peps) and put butter and salt & peps on the green beans.
  5. 9:00pm - 3 big bites of Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Chocolate Chip ice cream from my freezer.
    Until just now I had no idea there was an "s" at the end of Dazs.
  6. PLEASE NOTE - it's extremely rare that I only eat 2 meals in a day and go so long between meals but I was running around and I knew I had an early dinner coming my way.