Picture me as a 16 year old.
  1. My dad was against it entirely. He doesn't believe in surgery unless for emergencies. (My parents believe in a mix of Eastern and Western medicine leaning towards the East).
  2. Somehow the dentist convinced my mom who convinced my dad.
  3. For some reason, despite (maybe because of this?) my dad brought me to the appointment, not my mom.
  4. It went fine. And then they brought me to a little room to relax after for a few minutes.
  5. They come back to get me to to bring me to fill out the final paperwork at the check out desk.
  6. I FAINT!!!!!!!
  7. I had never fainted before. Weird feeling!
  8. I sort of just fell back on where I had been lying down so I was fine.
  9. My main memory was coming to and seeing my dad's face. It was this beautiful mix - he was worried and LIVID. He was white as a sheet (and we are already a very pale family).
  10. I assured him I was OK. The people at the office assured him too and just explained I had low blood sugar because you can't eat or drink after midnight the night before.
  11. One seemingly nice nurse decides to address this by handing me a piece of chocolate.
  12. I did hesitate. I've just had oral surgery. But I also had fainted and felt weird so, I popped the chocolate into my mouth.
  13. It immediately went straight to the back of my mouth and into the 4 gaping bloody holes where my teeth had just been.
  14. That was a rough next few minutes guys, not gonna lie. I'll spare you the details.
  15. My dad was still livid.
  16. As soon as I had rested a few more minutes, he basically pulled me by my collar out of the office.
  17. Sadly I think I went to sleep when we got home so I missed what was probably an epic "I told you so!" rant from my dad to my mom about the Three Stooges-esque experience we had. That's my main regret.