Work advice from a fellow pretend co-worker.
  1. There is a new app with lists, whaaaaat! Get on that and at least check it out.
  2. Don't confuse experience with intelligence.
  3. Avoid that rest room from 0900-1000, everyday, M-F, from now until you retire. You're welcome.
  4. Can you break a $20 bill, I really need a Mountain Dew from the vending machine...
  5. Forget about the last advice, that one really wasn't advice. You see I just really love Mountain Dew at work. Sorry, I better get back to work now . Znxnsak
  6. Ok, um, fuck, damn I lost my train of thought!! Damnit Jake! You piece of crap now I forgot what I was doing on this diagram. (Avoid this fun list app ;)