Kasich Action Plan: Reclaiming Our Power, Money, and Influence

America has a big economic problem and it’s called Washington. In his first 100 days as President, John Kasich will send Congress a comprehensive plan that creates the climate for job creation. Find out more at JohnKasich.com/ResultsNow
  1. Balance the Budget and Keep it Balanced
    John Kasich will work with Congress to put Washington on the path to a balanced budget within eight years by reducing spending, reforming entitlements, and encouraging economic growth. To keep the budget balanced he will work with Congress and the states to enact a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and will keep it balanced by dismantling the big barrier holding our economy back: big government.
  2. Cut Taxes & Make The Tax Code Simpler & Fairer
    Americans’ taxes are too high. They are a barrier to work, saving, growth and investment, and innovation and must be significantly reduced for individuals and businesses to spark growth. Let's cut individuals' taxes, cut business taxes, and fix the IRS.
  3. Reduce Regulations and Bureaucratic Red Tape
    John Kasich will rein-in unelected agency bureaucrats whose regulations, red tape and enforcement decisions are often extreme and inconsistent with congressional intent. Together these abuses choke economic activity and to reverse them.
  4. Produce More Energy from All Sources and Achieve Energy Independence
    Increasing energy from all sources—oil and gas, nuclear, coal, alternatives and renewables and emerging technologies—will provide the affordable, reliable energy our economy needs, make us independent from overseas oil and allow us to achieve the goal of sourcing all our energy entirely from North America.
  5. Open New International Markets, but Get Smart About Unfair Trade
    When American products and services are accessible around the world, American businesses and workers benefit. Trade also enhances global security and stability. It can’t come at the cost of common sense, however. If other countries want access to the American market they should provide access to their markets, and trade violations must be quickly addressed to prevent significant economic damage to businesses and workers.