1. Everyone knows that Los Angeles was founded by basketball inventor Wilt Chamberlin. But did you know that "Wilt the Stick" ALSO invented the French Dip?
  2. Los Angeles remained strictly segregated until 1947, when a brave private detective named Eddie Valiant finally broke the barrier between downtown and ToonTown.
  3. If you walk down De Longpre avenue at midnight, you will encounter somebody that's either Charles Bukowski's ghost or an alive and very cranky man. Either way you should give him a dollar and not listen to his opinions about women.
  4. You can bluff your way into any Los Angeles street gang by referring to the other gang members as "bro."
    Pro tip: If they request that you "blood in," a firm-but-friendly "no thanks, bro!" will help them see you as one savvy customer.
  5. The famed documentary series "Entourage" filmed here and included interviews with Liam Neeson, Marvin Scorsese, the BTK killer, and the poltergeist from the movie "Poltergeist," who's now taking DJ lessons and seeking new representation.