1. Some friends and I decided to go camping in Big Bear, CA this week to celebrate the start of summer.
  2. It's been positively freezing which is why I'm sleeping in the trunk of my two door Jeep Wrangler with my limbly legs folded as best as possible, instead of in a tent.
  3. Other than that it's been great, we've hung out, played yard games, and ate a lot (shoutout to @philgaimon for the burger recs).
  4. We attempted to hike - during which I forgot I was mildly asthmatic, I walked to Starbucks instead with Patrick (you may know him from my childhood list).
  5. The lake was both surprisingly and unsurprisingly low. It made me want to take the quickest showers known to man and take part in weekly rain dances.
  6. Overall, I'm bummed to be heading home, but excited to no longer smell like forest.