Sometimes in life it's the little things that threaten to derail you and your recovery. Glances, comments, little actions, that's why it's important to remember the little things that make you a tiny bit less sad.
  1. My neighbors dogs stand on their hind legs and scratch at the window vying for my attention every time I walk by.
  2. Today 3/3 of my classes finished early and I got to sit in the sun with friends.
  3. I made dinner last night, cause I deserve to treat myself right.
  4. I made extra dinner last night, and fed myself lunch today.
  5. @MelissaIsCool made me a flower braid because she knew I was a bit down.
  6. For once I don't feel annoyed or angry for having to be the bigger person, just sad for the other individual.
  7. I spun records and napped on my floor.