Back in December I packed up my tiny apartment in the city and moved back to California, these are the things that I miss almost daily.
  1. Sunday's in Washington Square Park
    The best day for the park, the city is most alive.
  2. Think Coffee
    Aka the best Chi, best vibes, purest aesthetics.
  3. Walking to run errands.
    Trader Joes was down the street and around the corner, there was a Starbucks on the way.
  4. Dressing professional and no one blinking an eye.
    I have been labeled a tiny professional by my friends & mostly look ridiculous in heels and a pencil skirt in a beach community.
  5. Riding the subway
    Having a car is nice, but also restrictive.
  6. My Chinese and Sushi Place
    The Leeche Nut in Brooklyn, and the Sushi-to-Go in Chelsea.
  7. 132 Lounge - Brooklyn, NY
    Post-work vibes at my favorite sports bar. (Image from Yelp)