What Are Grants?

(And what they're not).
  1. Grants are a Call to Action
    Your organization works together with a foundation or the government to solve a problem or issue and the grant funds are a means to aid in that endeavor.
    Don't think of grants as free money that you can use however you want once you get the award. The money is used for a specific project or for overhead costs.
  3. Your Grant Proposal is a Logical Argument for Support
    When you write a proposal you're asking the funder to partner with you to accomplish a goal.
  4. Grants = Social Change!
    If you get the funding, the foundation or government is saying they believe in you and want to partner together to create that change!
  5. Together You're Both Smashing Your Mission
    When your mission aligns with your funder, you're both winning big time!!!