For reals I am ready to begin a new business and this is a list to help me brainstorm...
  1. Greenhouse
    Build a greenhouse right on our property that grows all the fruits and vegetables that can be grown in space. While waiting for space travel, simply sell our produce to local restaurants..
  2. Hemp fields
    And it is legal here!! I once read that hemp scrubs the earths atmosphere 4x that our other vegetation. So grow the hemp and then harvest it for..... Still working on that
  3. Rental properties
    It's an idea. But I'm not sure about it. Part of me is screaming no f-in way.
  4. An Art Barn
    Build a nice barn on our property that would have space within it for a rental space (party rentals, etc) and a spot where I could teach art classes to children and adults too.
  5. A yoga studio
    I love yoga. How about I get my official yoga education and then teach others the benefits of breath and movement....?
  6. A rental business
    This feels lame but it must be considered-- buy heavy equipment ( needed if I build that greenhouse) that could be rented out for use. Urge this goes against my idea of ending fossil fuel consumption though...
  7. Daycare
    Well since I do homeschool our children already this could be a natural fit.....
  8. Additional random brainstorming
    Maple syrup (buy a sugar maple and tap on in), bee keeping (always intrigued me), culinary classes (I should use that education sometime), custom stained glass (I would love to learn how-to), oh how about a list of things I truly love to help with this list...
  9. A B&B