Tim has many great episodes but these have had the greatest impact on me not only because the topics were great but the resources shared were highly valuable. I also love any episode where Tim shares more personal insights (see #3, #11 and #14 as examples). Find his show on iTunes or fourhourworkweek.com
  1. Noah Kagen
  2. Whitney Cummings @whitneyc
  3. Samy Kamkar
  4. Ed Cooke
  5. Tony Robbins (solo not the one with Peter Diamandis)
  6. Matt Mullenweg
  7. Amanda Palmer
  8. Maria Popova
  9. Chris Sacca
  10. Ramit Sethi
  11. Tara Brach
  12. Kevin Kelly
  13. Dr. Astro Teller & Dr. Danielle Teller