Because you/me are addicts and we're not getting help anytime soon.
  1. Stir Crazy
    Free Wifi, lots of power outlets, and bottomless coffee. Perfect place to camp out and write like the giant stereotype that you are. Also, a breakfast sandwich for $3.50. This place breaks the basic laws of economics.
  2. Javista
    Trendy as hell. Great date spot. All organic for whatever that's worth to you. The staff wears silly hats, but not intentionally silly hats.
  3. Rise N Grind
    This is the one place on Hollywood Blvd that isn't a complete garbage pile. They have the best cold brew I've had in LA. Their bathroom has a door code so you feel like James Bond every time you pee.
  4. Bricks & Scones
    You can sit outside and not get actively murdered by smog and sunlight.
  5. Bourgeois Pig
    Open until 2am and comprised entirely of furniture pulled from opium dens. Squalor breeds creativity for me, so this is a go-to. Also, it's next to UCB, so it's legend at this point.