1. Notepad
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    For all your cool thoughts and also stuff to pick up at the grocery store.
  2. iPad
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    For your Netflixin' and such.
  3. Maxi-pad
    2e5e6f86 442f 4853 a62c 5310f0b590b7
    For your keepin' blood off them pants you look so good in.
  4. Lily Pad
    A39088a8 feb7 4e85 94de a50c5cdbb142
    For frogs. If you don't like frogs then you're a dick.
  5. Launch Pad
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    For rockets and rich people who want to literally be above others.
  6. Launchpad
    5defcfc3 615e 4fbe 900b d836fc4cd741
    For flyin' sweet-ass planes on dope adventures. MCQUACK CLAN 4 LYFE.
  7. Pad Thai
    Ea13a86a 6ac5 4c04 bbe3 0923594947a3
    It's fuckin' delicious and stuff.
    Suggested by @EricElkins