Every time I go in for a haircut, my stylist asks me what I'm looking for even though I want the same thing every visit. Maybe a little visual guidance will better communicate what I do and do not want.
  1. This is how I look when I first walk in...
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  2. I'm often drawn to the 80's new wave, over the eye look.
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  3. I keep reading that the trend in men's hairstyles is adding length.
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  4. Maybe not so long, but permed a little for body and wave?
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  5. This summer heat makes me want to shave it all off.
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  6. But I'm always hesitant cuz it always looks awkward when it starts growing back.
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  7. I definitely do not want a Caesar cut, damn whatever the trendsetters say.
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  8. I think I'll go for something a bit more distinguished and appropriate for my mature years.
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