My flight is at 3pm, it's 1pm...time to people watch.
  1. The official sound of this airport is Celine Dion and the rubbery percussion of flip-flops.
  2. I was about to spend my last .50 cents at the slot machine but realized slots now only accept dollar bills. I officially gambled negative .25 cents after finding a quarter on the ground.
  3. This is apparently where goatees go to retire.
  4. Food options here on par with a 1990's mall. Twice fried foods with fried bits sprinkled on top. Guy Fieri and his goatee would love it here.
  5. A never ending parade of regretful tattoos.
  6. The amount of wheelchair bound gamblers here is disturbing.
  7. The tram and walkways here are well designed and efficient. When your city revolves around herding people to gamble, efficiencies are maximized. Los Angeles needs more casinos.
  8. A man wearing a fur coat just passed by. Mind you, it's over 100 degrees here today. Maybe he missed his flight to Siberia or a Short Dawg beauty pageant?
  9. The one woman who is always cold - arms folded shivering - followed a few minutes later. I should have introduced her to Fur Fella.
  10. People departing looking happier than those arriving.