1. Dreams
  2. The Weather
  3. (Seriously.)
  4. (I genuinely LOVE talking about both of those topics.)
  5. (Next time you see me PLEASE bring up the weather or any of your recent dreams.)
  6. (I understand that this whole list might be coming off as sarcastic, but that's not my intent.)
  7. (It's very hard to convey sincerity through text, but I'm being 100% sincere.)
  8. (See, now I'm fucked, because the more to try to sell you folks on actually liking dreams and the weather as conversation topics the more it reads like a bit.)
  9. (It's a classic "he doth protest too much" situation.)
  10. (Whatever, I know my intentions. I've said my piece.)
  11. (But if your mind immediately goes to assuming that people are being sarcastic, like if that's you're fucking go-to viewpoint, maybe you should examine that shit.)
  12. Physical Ailments