I'm sick.
  1. Soup.
  2. Poop.
  3. Soup-poop.
  4. Sing to myself.
  5. Research the new product lines Mucinex has brought to market since the last time I was sick.
  6. Spit green stuff into the sink.
  7. Rearrange my blu-rays in sections designated by who/what I think is the true auteur of each movie.
  8. Question existence.
  9. Try to make it through that one episode of STAR WARS: REBELS I've never been able to make it through without falling asleep.
  10. Try to get a handle on THE LIST as a platform/medium.
  11. Figure out if THE LIST is more of a platform or a medium.
  12. Think about responding to emails.
  13. Pre-order $200 worth of Disney Infinity 3.0 products.
  14. Look for quick jobs that pay $200.
  15. Bed-nap.
  16. Couch-nap.
  17. Bath-nap
  18. Remember that episode of FRIENDS where Monica tries to convince Chandler to have sex with her even though she's sick.
  19. Remember that time a lady convinced me to have sex with her even though I was sick.
  20. Vomit.
  21. Wonder if I'll ever have sex again.
  22. Vomit 2: Pig in the City.
  23. Give up.