1. Aurra Sing
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    Way into pale chicks.
  2. TC-14
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    Hot lady protocol droid.
  3. Yaddle
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    Like Yoda, except female and fuckable.
  4. Yarna D'Al Gargan
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    Six tits are better than two! I love tits!
  5. Gragra
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    VERY much a lady.
  6. Ewoks
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    The girl ones, obviously.
  7. Dianoga
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    Totally a girl! Guys don't have eyes like that!
  8. Sarlac
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    Nothing less gay than a giant space-pussy!
  9. BB-8
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    Gender *technically* unconfirmed, but just look at those curves!
  10. Senator Bail Organa
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    I'm not gay.
  11. Ugnaughts
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    I don't know who in this picture is sexier: the one in the middle or the one to the right? Sorry for including that uggo all the way to the left
    Suggested by @jakebrandman