This took far too much time to put together.
  1. Jerry
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    Just look at this guy! So cute!!!
  2. Minion
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    Tertiary member of the Teen Titans.
  3. Frank Minion
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    American jazz and bop singer.
  4. Minions
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    A small village in Cornwall, England.
  5. Joe Minion
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    Screenwriter of AFTER HOURS and VAMPIRE'S KISS. [Photo not available]
  6. MinION™
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    A portable device for molecular analyses that is driven by nanopore technology.
  7. Minyan
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    A quorum of ten men over the age of 13 required for traditional Jewish public worship.
  8. Filet Mignon
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    A tender cut of beef.
  9. "One minnion dollars"
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    Misspelling of "one million dollars" commonly used by morons.
  10. Jerry, again
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    I can't get enough of this guy!!!