Nightwing is My Favorite Superhero

Inside of the DC Universe, and comics in general, Nightwing (Dick Grayson, the first Robin) is my favorite character.
  1. Dick Grayson, the original Robin, has always been someone I identified with. He was young, always happy, very athletic and always questioning and compassionate.
  2. He's part of a family.
    As the big brother, the moral compass and the optimist of the group, he has my favorite personality.
  3. He had actually been Batman.
    At several points in the comics and in animated shows and movies, he's taken on the mantle of the Bat when Bruce was either dead or injured. Also, he's basically a happy version of Batman.
  4. He's actually evolved as a character.
    Not only has Dick Grayson actually aged over the years, having gone to college, but he grew into Nightwing from Robin, been a bartender, cop, museum curator and spy. He's generally grown as an individual, learned from his mistakes and even has a particular type of romantic partner.
  5. He's possibly the best leader in the DCU
    Again, he's been Batman and led Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans (several incarnations), been a reservist on the Justice League, and even been a dominant force in Spyral.