Top 10 reasons why someone should join
  1. Free Stuff
    Members can earn free gift cards, bitcoin, and paypal rewards.
  2. Offer Walls
    We have a variety of offer walls including Peanut Labs, AdGate, Adscend, OfferToro, Superrewards, and more!
  3. Videos
    Earn simply by watching videos with EngageMeTV and Hyprmx.
  4. High Paying Surveys
    Take surveys and earn more!
  5. Live Chat
    Grindabuck has live chat, 24 hours a day! Hang out with other members or ask for their help!
  6. Leader Boards
    Compete with members in the daily, weekly, and monthly contests to win prizes!
  7. Monthly Bonuses
    Members who reach monthly bronze, silver, and gold goals are awarded bonus rewards every month!
  8. Fast Cashouts
    Once verified correctly members can redeem instant PayPal rewards and gift cards, up to $25 per day. Bitcoin redeems are processed manually, but these are done more than several times a day (and night)
  9. Guides, tips, and tools
    Grindabuck offers guides on how to get started earning, plus experienced members are often providing advice. We also have a "Whats Working" tool that allows members to easily see what offers are being completed most by other members.
  10. It's fun and free
    There are no fees or cost to become a member or to use Grindabuck. Each member gets 100 free grindabucks with their new account. Joining is easy and earning is fun!