Audiobooks I Have Enjoyed in the Past Month

My commute is kind of long.
  1. The Martian
    Charming version of Gravity.
  2. Dark Places
    Gillian Flynn, you sexy bitch. This is a simple whodunit with none of the big twists of Gone Girl, but her character work is wonderful.
  3. Packing for Mars
    Typical Mary Roach. Fun facts with a peppering of sass. The topic of this one: how hard it is to put a human being in space, and all the discoveries scientists made to get to the space travel we have today. If you've ever wondered how astronauts poop in zero gravity, this book is for you.
  4. The Mysterious Affair at Styles
    My first Poirot. So fucking delightful, and kept me guessing till the end.