Audiobooks I Have Enjoyed in the Past Month

Guys, Agatha4LIFE.
  1. Crooked House
    I didn't see the ending coming. So delightful and charmingly eerie. (Also to note: Audible combines some Agathas, where you can get two full length books for one credit. Get on it!)
  2. Endless Night
    My least favorite Agatha so far. Not at all twisty turny. Felt like Gone Girl's inspiration, but missing all that made Gone Girl great.
  3. The Happiness Advantage
    Good. Thoughtful points. If you've read anything about happiness or emotional wellness, this may feel a bit repetitive, though much more in depth on many valuable points. His major thesis = don't see happiness as the reward for success, see success as the reward for figuring out how to find daily happiness.
  4. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
    I guessed the ending after the second chapter, but that didn't ruin the ending. If anything, it made me appreciate her plotting more. 💞 you, Aggie.
  5. Endurance
    True story about the men of the ship Endurance who, in 1915, became stranded and stuck on the edge of the Antarctic, and who survived for two years while trying to make their way toward help. They rode ice floes for months, ate little more than seals and penguins, and maintained a relatively positive and productive attitude throughout the whole thing. Occasionally a bit boring, but mostly inspiring and vivid.