Audiobooks I Have Tried in the Last Month-ish

On a whim I tried an audiobook out, and it has since been a GAME CHANGER. Commutes are easier, I'm more motivated to hike in the mornings, and I'm learning loads. Suggestions welcome!! ➕➕
  1. The Power of Habit
    This was a great intro book for me because of the bite-sized chunks of fun facts peppered throughout, which helped me transition from the shorter form of a podcast to eight plus hours of material. Also, really inspiring to understand the basic components of long term change. We're all just computer programs on loops. Awesomeness: 👍🍕🏃🏼
  2. The Lost City of Z
    A few slow moments toward the end, but the actual ending was delicious and ultimately a fascinating look at obsession throughout. Focuses on a famous explorer, Colonel Fawcett, who with his son and his son's bff, went missing in the Amazon in 1925. Ultimately it feels like a tropical, 20s version of Hurt Locker. Made me want to read every adventure book about the Amazon. Awesomeness: 👍💪🙊
  3. The Road to Character
    I couldn't get through it. Fortunately, it was a "free book please sign up for our subscription service!" The narrator bored me to tears. Awesomeness: 😇👎😴
  4. At the Mountains of Madness
    My first HP Lovecraft. The first third was incredible, and then it took a hard nose dive into the painfully boring. Really bummed me out, because I wanted to love it. On a positive note, the narrator was DELIGHTFUL and I kept listening just for him. Awesomeness: 😕🔭🗻
  5. 10% Happier
    Got me back on track. I wanted to learn more about meditation, and it was nice to hear about it from the perspective of a cynic. Awesomeness: 👍✌🎍
  6. Pirate Hunters
    In the middle of this one currently. It's fun and light. I'm learning about professional salvagers, the dangers they face, and the history of pirates in the Caribbean. So far, awesomeness: 😎⚓️🐡