Audiobooks I Recommend! (a running list)

Will update this as I discover more!
  1. The Book of Joy
    This is the sweetest, most thoughtful book and is joyful in and of itself.
  2. The River of Doubt
    Teddy Roosevelt was a badass motherfucker and explored an uncharted Amazon river after screwing over his own party when they wouldn't nominate him for a third term. This is part adventure book, part Roosevelt biography and part biology lesson about the rainforest. Also the narrator does a charming impression of the former president.
  3. The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman
    I'd listen to his read the phone book. This was vv charming (and short).
  4. The Secrets of Story - Matt Bird
    I love a book on writing and this came up on sale on Audible for $3. It is EXCELLENT. Lot of great ideas to get the juices flowing.