Bed Picnic Ingredients

  1. Thinly sliced prosciutto
  2. D'Affinois brie
    Must be exceedingly gooey
  3. Carr's Table Water Crackers with cracked pepper
  4. Mixed olives
  5. A bottle of red wine
    I like a light pinot noir, but you do you
  6. Thinly sliced zucchini and bite-sized pieces of cauliflower
    Baked in a mixture of olive oil, turmeric, salt and curry powder until crispy and soft, respectively. 425F for 20 min should do it.
  7. Pajamas
    A fluffy robe or just undies will also do. Feel it out.
  8. A solid movie
    If the movie involves people also drinking red wine, extra points (Bottle Shock, Sideways, etc.)
  9. A roll of paper towels
    Remember, turmeric and red wine stain, and you like your sheets.