Benign Yet Satisfying Things I Do When I'm Feeling Self-destructive

  1. Scalding showers
    These will burn normal human flesh but I am made of asbestos. You must stay in till you look like a cooked lobster (10-30 min)
  2. Too many diet cokes
  3. Reality tv binges
    Early seasons of America's Next Top Model, any season of Face Off or Ink Master. In a pinch I will also watch Aquamarine or Frozen.
  4. Not eating as a result of loss of appetite
    Peace mild sugar addiction. We'll meet again when I'm happier.
  5. Or eating only crap
    Because ramen noodles, bagel bites and pop tarts are my comfort foods.
  6. Drinking early in the day and with consistancy
    Best way to go is a weak spritzer. Or 5.
  7. Go down a Pinterest spiral
    Cause escapism.