Best Animals on Instagram

I don't follow a lot of animals on Instagram, but the ones I do are fucking stars.
  1. Trotter @trotterpup
    Baller shot caller.
  2. Theron Humphrey @thiswildidea
    He puts his dog, Maddie, on things.
  3. Lucy Farted @lucyfarted
  4. Tuna @tunameltsmyheart
    Chihuahua with an overbite.
  5. @bossthefrenchbulldog
    Suggested by   @dev
  6. Jeremy Veach @jermzlee
    Now exclusively pix of his pug, Norm
    Suggested by   @celine
  7. Menswear Dog @mensweardog
    This guy is so cool, I forget he's a dog
    Suggested by   @celine
  8. buddysanchez
    Suggested by   @robyn