Can't Stop Listening To...

My current writing jams, or a thank you note to Spotify's new Discover Weekly personalized playlists...
  1. Mon nom - rodrigo amarante
    Do you love Little Joy? Same dude.
  2. Fools rush in - peggy sue
    Tickles my spine.
  3. A sight to behold - devendra banhart
    Love a little falsetto.
  4. A case of you - james blake
    Best Joni cover ever.
  5. We have a map - múm
    Creepy creepy.
  6. Cherry wine - hozier
    I don't want to like this but it is just delightful.
  7. On the frame - beta radio
    Yummy harmonies.
  8. No diggity - chet faker
    I like the way you work it.
  9. All my days - alexi murdoch
    Just nice.
  10. Me & the devil - soap&skin
    This will be the intro to a show I write one day. Fucking badass.