Coney Island Musts

  1. Ride the Cyclone
    It's an an institution, and well worth the $9. Also, you'll likely get a gem of a souvenir photo.
  2. Deno's Wonder Wheel
    $7. Get a swinging carriage. I've never been in a Ferris wheel like this. You feel like you're stepping back in time.
  3. Nathan's
    Grab a dog, some cheese fries and a beer. Sit at a bench overlooking the ocean. People watch.
  4. Skeeball
    At Deno's. Because you're looking for the old timey experience, right?
  5. Walk along the pier.
    Imagine how much they rebuilt after Sandy. Enjoy the fisherman and the Latin music drifting from old school boom boxes.
  6. And if you can, bike there.
    Along the bike path on Ocean Parkway. Be wary of drivers making turns and people strolling confidently in the bike lane. That's the bad part. The great part is seeing a whole section of Brooklyn you've probably never seen. It's largely unchanged since who knows how long ago. Do it.