Inspired by @joemurphy and everyone
  1. Reading: The 1972 edition of The Joy of Sex
    A drunk purchase I am THRILLED with. There's a profound amount of body hair in the gorgeous illustrations. I used to secretly skim this in my local library when I was a preteen.
  2. Reading: Between Silk and Cyanide
    Code breaker turned screenwriter talking about his life. It's engrossing.
  3. Exercise: rain hiking
    I know LA is so over this rain but I'll take it all day every day.
  4. Listening to: Grimes
    While I'm white boarding stuff at the office, she's my girl.
  5. Listening to: Hamilton
    Because I'm not a monster.
  6. Listening to: Creativity Inc.
    A great conversation about being a manager and fostering creativity.
  7. Rewatching: The Office
    I put it on when I'm working (or bargain hunting leggings.)
  8. Watching: Abstract
    If you like Chef's Table, but hate how hungry it makes you...
  9. Having for breakfast: