Discoveries From My 1st Stand Up Paddleboarding Lesson

This morning @dev and I went to Malibu and tried SUP for the first time! Our instructor, Tyler from Cove Paddle Fitness, was a mellow dream. HIGHLY recommend it!
  1. It was challenging but not strenuous.
    It was hard like yoga can be hard, not like swimming. It's all balance and form. It's not about how fast you go. It's like hiking on water - take in the scenery and push yourself only as much as is comfortable. Get tired? No worries. Quit paddling and just float till you're ready to start up again.
  2. There were these thrashing, bright red crabs that resembled crawfish (maybe we're crawfish?), swimming alone along the gray blue surface. It was gorgeous.
  3. I was stunned by the utterly different perspective standing on the ocean can have from sitting on it or swimming in it.
    I've kayaked and surfed before. I've enjoyed both. But standing lets you really look into the sea, and reminds you how there is a whole world beneath you.
  4. Dolphins! Swimming in front of us!
  5. We paddled past massive strands of orange kelp that seemed to descend forever.
  6. Oh, did you wipe out? NBD you'll be fine!!
    I want to be good at skateboarding but at the end of the day I'm scared of face planting on concrete. There is nearly no risk here -- deep calm water will break your klutzy fall.
  7. That being said, I didn't fall down once!
  8. You don't have to get cold!
    Or, THAT cold. You have to get into the water up to your knees to get the board into the waves enough, but then it's dry, smooth sailing.
  9. Seals! Farther away but adorable!
  10. There was this calming feeling caused by the waves undulating beneath you.
  11. It is so very quiet. Just the lapping of the waves, the paddle hitting the water, and your own thoughts.
  12. I love love loved it.