Entertainment That Soothed Me During This Hellish Week

  1. Heavyweights
    It's on Netflix! Watching Ben Stiller play a fascistic fat camp owner who gets overthrown felt very right right now.
  2. Gone Home
    My heart swelled playing this game. Want to be transported for an hour or two? Download this. The creators have it up for free right now, post Trump's victory. When you finish the game you'll get why.
  3. Uncharted 4
    Swinging on ropes and shooting baddies. Firing an RPG helped my rage.
  4. Inside
    I love puzzles. I love surrealistic landscapes. This was addictive and glorious.
  5. Poirot
    Bad things happen and Poirot sets the world back to right and for 90 minutes at a stretch I had some illusion evil could be vanquished in the world.
  6. Also, buying survival gear on Amazon.
    This honestly helped.