Feeling Nostalgic on Listapp Eve

  1. @dev decided to quit his job and start working on The List App the same day I got offered my first job as a staff writer.
  2. We sat at the bar in Provini, an Italian restaurant in Park Slope, dizzy from excitement and good wine.
  3. Two years later, he's making public this amazing thing he's helped shape, and I'm on set, unable to celebrate in person with him because I've been given the opportunity to produce my first episode of tv.
  4. We're growing up together. In those two years, we got married, moved to California, suffered excruciating losses and basked in huge wins.
  5. I'm really really proud of him. And later tonight, when I drag myself into bed hours after he's gone to sleep, I'm going to wake him up by squeezing the ever loving shit out of him.
  6. A visual interpretation of my plan: 😴😊😘😜😧😫😵
  7. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗