Fun in Idyllwild, Pt 1

@dev and I are big into roadtrips (if you hadn't already gathered). This weekend, we're in Idyllwild.
  1. We drove out of the desert and up the mountain, where it gradually became foggy and dark. Then, it began to rain (this is my favorite kind of weather).
  2. We hiked Deer Springs. It was drizzling. I was into it.
    (Check out my rad new hiking boots. Thx CA.)
  3. The pine cones were enormous!
  4. Seriously.
  5. There are some very worthy climbing trees on this hike!
  6. There were also these amazing gray trees covered in red, hard, shiny alien flesh.
    Anyone know what this is about?
  7. Close up on the alien redness:
  8. We ate dinner at IDYology, a restaurant that 100% felt like it belonged in Twin Peaks. Possibly the front (legit) area of One Eyed Jacks.
    Lots of red lighting and velvet and fire WALK WITH ME.
  9. Tomorrow, we hit the PCT!