Gift Ideas When You're Totally Stuck - B/c I'm Always Flummoxed in the Moment

  1. Candles
    Cozy as fuck
  2. Oil lamps
    Unless the friend is way accident prone
  3. Nice trays
  4. Bath shit
  5. Cozy incense
  6. Who doesn't like new pjs?
  7. Personalized jewelry
    I love giving and receiving this.
  8. New key chains
  9. For new parents
  10. Cutting boards
  11. Trust me on this one.
    Alpaca socks are the tits if you live in a cold climate.
  12. Knivvveeesss
  13. Skate board
    This one isn't for everyone, but definitely for more than you'd think.
  14. New jams
    In whatever preferred form they enjoy their jams
  15. Your favorite book
    It's thoughtful, yadda yadda
  16. Monogrammed converses
    This is niche too, but also less niche than you'd think
  17. Coasters
    You never remember to buy them for yourself, do you? And then there's the water stain on the table and regret sets in.
  18. Glass domes
    Confusion when the gift is opened, appreciation later when their random knick-knacks look baller.
  19. For people who've just moved in
  20. Nice notebooks
    We all got thoughts.
  21. A pretty blanket
    Never enough. Truly.