Goals for 2015

Drink more water, exercise, save $, blah blah. Let's get to the realistic shit.
  1. Go to Big Sur, and hike it at a leisurely pace. Miss nothing. That evening, have pizza and play battleship over beers.
  2. Drive along the Pacific Northwest. Explore state parks. Be oppressed by fog.
  3. Complete a piece of writing that has nothing to do with my 9-5. Sell it.
  4. Discover more kayaking trails.
  5. Stop comparing myself to other women. We're all snowflakes.
  6. Settle into and explore LA more. Attempt to see some portion of what @bjnovak sees in it.
  7. Try stand up paddle boarding.
  8. Read some books outside of my normal tastes. Maybe try out some poetry.
  9. Try and live more by the Winnie the Pooh motto of, "if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."
    Ignoring the double negative, obv. Stupid Thumper.