Good Shit This Week

Because focusing on happiness is giving the finger to the rest of it.
  1. Watched surfers while it was raining and it totally got me out of my head for an hour.
  2. A surprise date night on a tray made by @dev
    So crafty, this one I married.
  3. Got my nose pierced!
    I can't audition till the summer, so ain't no reason I'm going to have to take it out while it heals = success. Score one for writer life.
  4. I work with some of the nicest people in Hollywood.
    Ugh they're all such dreamboats.
  5. House plants are blooming!
  6. Office plants are blooming!
  7. Orange tree outside our wee house is blooming and smells amazing!
  8. Discovered and developed a crush on Idyllwild.
    We're still in the flirtation phase but I have a good feeling about it.
  9. Santa Monica has been pretty gloomy, which is when it's at its most romantic.
  10. I made some lists that I return to again and again.
    I keep adding to my hiking lists, and each time I do I get more excited about throwing on my hiking boots and getting out there. 👏👍🙏 Loving the app, guys! @dev @bjnovak