Good Shit This Week

Bad shit gets too much play in my brain, but it's not getting any time anywhere else ✌️
  1. I spoke to an astrologist recommended by @sophia and she BLEW MY MIND.
    I'm super skeptical of all pseudosciences but then got on the phone and she was like - your husband works from home and you're looking to find a new place to live and I was like YOU ARE A WIZARD. Then she said MANY MORE wildly accurate things without being given any cues. She said some exciting things about my professional future. I want to believe her.
  2. Started a great book, A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson
    This guy knows charming prose. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud so hard.
  3. Listened to @bjnovak on this week's This American Life podcast.
    A short story from his book was read and it was wonderful. Such a treat on my drive home from work.
  4. Discovered 88.1 FM, and it's now part of my morning routine.
    Their morning shows have just incredible jazz selections. A lot of Coltrane and Dizzy, as well as stuff I've never heard before that's just delightful and sprightly. Makes the commute much less anxiety-filled.
  5. Enjoyed some incredible lists!
    Guys -- these lists make me smile every time I open the app. Also, thanks to it I've learned so much about the world (and specifically face maintenance). I bought some serious moisturizer! It looks like marshmallow fluff and smells like a meadow.
  6. Saw some sweet friends this week for dinners, and everyone seems well.
    Knowing good women is not something to be taken for granted. 👯👯👯
  7. I had a lovely Saturday with @dev
    We hit a cool vintage furniture store, saw the Venice canals (I'd never been!), the skate park, binged House of Cards, and investigated medical marijuana requirements (my east coast license thwarted my progress) (but can we talk about how lovely the head shop on Rose by Moon Juice is? So inviting). (Is head shop the right word? I don't know the lingo for these things. There were lollipops.)
  8. Rain
    Every time it rains in this desert it feels like a gift! And the sound out my window? Everything.
  9. I work with super nice people and one of the girls at work made pins for everyone just because it was Friday.
    Ain't no spirit like team spirit.
  10. House of Cards season 3!
    We all agree we watch for Claire, right?